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The "5 More" discovery track is Venture's vehicle to help you launch into your purpose in Christ. "5 More" offers the tools necessary to move you towards God's intended destination for your life. From your initial decision to follow God's plan, to launching into purposeful ministry, and helping you take significant steps towards God's intended purpose for your life.

Track one: Decision- mission, method, and movement

This class is a basic introduction to Venture Church and will help you understand the "5 More" values.

current scheduled: TBD

Track two: Devotion- identity and purpose

This class guides you through the essential understanding of what it means to be "in Christ" and how to grow as a disciple of Christ.

current scheduled: TBD

Track three: Destination- personal mission and ministry journey

We want to help you realize the unique purpose that God has placed you on this earth for. This class will help you in your journey of discovering your personal mission and how to journey with the body of Christ as you fulfill that purpose.

current scheduled: TBD


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